Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's Been an Even Longer While

Well, it has been a while since I've posted something on here, but I think the time has come to get this party started again.

1st off, I would like people to notice that I've got a donation link below. It's for the Sioux City Noon Sertoma group, which I am a member of. Even though I recently moved to Sioux Falls, I am still a member. They are hosting a walk to support children's hearing initiatives. So if you like helping children or if you like helping people that have trouble with hearing please click the link below.

Next up. I have a goal.

I would like to run a marathon in Las Vegas this December.

There it is. I've got a ton of work to do. My conditioning has dropped way off, and I've become injury prone, so I need to work on this carefully and consistently. I am back up to about 2.5 miles twice a week as of this post. I plan to gradually increase the mileage while mixing in weight training on off days in order to build up my endurance. If you see me out and about ask me how I'm doing and scold me if you find out I'm slacking.

I mean it.

Well that's it for now. Donations....Encouragement....Thanks.

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

It's Been Awhile

Almost two months and I haven't updated anything.

Well, this weekend I ran the Mayhem Run. It was a 5K with some obstacles and mud tossed in. It was a fun little race in Stone State Park. The difficulty level was about half of the difficulty of the Gladiator Assault Challenge, but that was a good thing because my training has been very spotty lately.

Speaking of spotty training getting up for 5 A.M. workouts during the week has become almost a foreign concept lately and it has been very hot in the afternoons so any running I do then inevitable gets shortened. I need to figure out how to start getting up every day again. The knee issue also flared up one more time.

Up coming racing events that I am planning to run are the Corporate Cup 10k in Omaha and the Broken Toe Trail run in Stone State Park again. Looking forward to those. I just need to get better at putting in the work.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

4th Dam to Dam

Last weekend was my fourth Dam to Dam 20k. I'm happy to say I finished the race again. My time was 2:51:40, which unfortunately is my slowest time of the four finishes. This is a trend that I intend to work hard to reverse during the next year.

In the week since the Dam to Dam race it seemed my body was telling me it needed some rest after a pretty intense couple of weeks that included the D2D and Gladiator Assault Challenge. I know this because my ankle hurt for 2 days immediately after the race, then after one pain free day my right knee decided to start hurting, and that still hasn't stopped. Although it feels much better now than it did Wednesday.

I can't think of anything that triggered the knee pain directly, so the theory has been that it was some sort of delayed over use injury. I've never experienced that before, so if you have let me know, just for some reassurance that this kind of thing actually does happen.

Going forward, I need to get my KOSAMA attendance back up to 6 days per week. In addition to that I want to get a run in 3 days per week. My plan is to start back a ground zero for the runs. I want to start slow and rebuild my base mileage until I get to 15 to 20 miles per week, and then I want to sustain that indefinitely. Then when specific races come up I can tune the running sessions for speed work and tempo based on the distance.

So that's it for now. I promise I'm still working on the mid year assessment if your waiting to here about it.I'll leave you with this picture that almost exactly sums up this past week of recovery for me.

more motivational posters from Runner world here.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mud, Sweat, and Beers

Last weekend I had the opportunity to participate in the Gladiator Assault Challenge at Seven Oaks in Boone, Iowa. I hadn't done an obstacle course run yet and this one just happened to pop up in Iowa, so I was really excited about it.

This is the group before the race. 
The Gladiator Assault challenge was billed as a 5.3 mile course with 30 obstacles and a guarantee that we would get muddy. Well it lived up to that, and then some. My first thoughts were, I've run farther than that before, how hard could it be. I severely under estimated the difficulty of this challenge.

The course was set on a ski hill with some nice wooded single track mountain biking paths on the back side of the ski slopes. The first thing you do is walk up the ski slope to get to the start line, so the huffing and puffing and sweating started before the race even began for me. Then our start time came and back down the ski slope we ran, at the bottom was a series of mud pits to jump in and then climb out of. We're maybe a quarter of a mile into the race and we're all soaked head to toe with mud and water, and I'm already exhausted from pulling my weight out of the mud pits. 

The next element of the race is to run right back up the ski slope. Well some people ran, most walked up the steep hills, I don't know what you call what I did, but I made it. Then we got to the fire, where we ran through a chute with some burning hay. A tip for anyone planning to do a race like this. Don't do what I did at the fire obstacle, which was breathe normally. Hold your Breath! 

So the race continued on like this for another 4.5 miles or so. There was plenty more mud, barbed wire, cargo nets, balance beams, hills with ropes, walls, and hurdles along the way. After about 2 hours and plenty of help and encouragement from the group and other racers, we completed the Gladiator Assault Challenge. And it was awesome. They were literally pouring beers in the finishing chute, which was way cool. It was one of the most physically demanding things I've done in my life. I can't wait for the next one, but I've got a lot of training to do.

The group post race full of mud.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Drake Relays 8k

The Drake Relays 8k race went quite well. I set a new PR of 56:18 with help of my good friend Kelsey. I think we pushed each other just enough. Then we after everybody finished, some people in the group ran the half marathon, we went down to the Hessen House and started drinking German beer like all good runners.

Picture of the group post race

The Drake Relays race is a really fun one. It's well put together and I really like the distance for an early spring race. I hear that they're bumping it up to a 10k for next year, so I'll have to make sure I'm ready for the extra 1.2 miles next. 

That's about it for now. Get ready for the next post though, because it will be an assessment of how well my progress has gone in the 1st third of 2012. I've been dreading writing that one because I haven't quite done everything I've wanted to do.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Thaw - Quick Update

The Spring Thaw was held this past Saturday. It was a windy one, but fun, and I got to see a lot of familiar faces. 

Here is a race calendar update after the recently completed Spring Thaw 5k.

  • Sunday March 11th, @ 9:00 A.M. was the Blarney Stone 5k in South Sioux City, NE. 
              Result: Finished: 1st in Age Group Male 25 to 29, TIME 34:13
  • Saturday April 7th, @ 10:00 A.M. was the Spring Thaw 5k in Sioux City, IA.
              Result: Finished: 13 out of 13 in Age Group Male 25 to 29, TIME 35:28
  • Saturday April 28th, @ 8:00 A.M. is the Drake Relays 8k in Des Moines, IA.
  • Saturday May 19th, @ 10:20 A.M. is the Gladiator Assault Challenge in Boone, IA.
  • Saturday June 2nd @ 7:00 A.M. is the Dam to Dam 20k in Des Moines, IA.
That's it for now, but I will have to do an update on the 1st quarter of 2012 progress soon.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bringin Home the Hardware

I know what you're thinking. "Is he really gonna start bragging about some participant ribbon from a 5k," right. Well not exactly. I took home an age group winner award today, and damnit, I'm proud of myself even if I was the only Male 25 to 29 years old. Check the picture out below, it's actually a pretty cool little trophy.

My Bad Ass Trophy

So I've finished the first race of the 2012 spring season. The Blarney Stone 5k in South Sioux City, IA.
My unofficial finish time was a solid 34:13. That turns out to be just over an 11 minute mile split, which is faster than what I've been training at. So I guess that means I should train harder right. I will try.

Peace Out